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Hola amigos!

Milena and I are back after almost 3 years working in Lima, Peru.  What a blessing this experience has been for us, one that has radically changed our lives.  This would not have been possible except for the help that so many of you provided.

Our first focus was to establish feeding centers through various local churches so that the physical and spiritual needs of hungry children would be addressed.  We are witnesses to the amazing changes these kids have experienced.  By any yardstick you choose, they are so much improved in every way that it is truly miraculous.

Secondly, through a Christ-centered rehab program called Celebrate Recovery we reached out to the hurting, the addicts, the abused and the abusers by offering them a safe place to confront their issues. After admitting their problems, CR provides a process to work through these issues, surrounded and guided by others who have experienced the same things, and whose “higher power” is our Lord, Jesus Christ. Through His grace and mercy, change can occur in our lives.

Friends, the field is overrun with need. These often desperate people require your help.  To keep the feeding centers open and operating, means relying on your generosity.  Training new leaders for CR requires books and materials.  Abused children need Christian counseling.  The list goes on.

Our prayer is that these projects & people will touch your hearts as they have ours, and that you will help provide the funds to keep the doors open on these 8 projects.

Please send your tax deductible donation to:
SonCoast Community Church
7500 Country Club Blvd
Boca Raton, FL  33487

Write “Peru Kidz” in the memo section, we’ll get your gift.  Because Milena and I will be travelling to Peru every 3-4 months to deliver your gifts personally and to administer each project,  travel miles will also be very welcome should you be able to donate those.

Muchas bendiciones! 

Jack & Milena Meier
If we each do a little, we can all do a lot

“What you do for the least of mine, you do for me.”   Matt 25:40

Below is a map of the area, and the specific locations where Jack and Milena have ministered….

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