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Cántaros de Bendicíon:

“Pitchers of Blessing” has been in existence since the early 1990s, and began as an evangelistic mission to Latin America, especially to the children of Honduras. This led to a focus on church planting and to the building of schools to further help the children of poor areas learn tools that ccan give them more opportunity than they would otherwise have.

Recently, Danny and Frances Morales have felt a call to shift their ministry to the support of the pastors of the churches they helped start. Through their ministry, they recognized that pastors in many of these poor areas lack many of the basic tools that pastors in other parts of the world may take for granted. Bible education, Bible study tools, even sometimes the Bible itself is missing for some of these servants of God. It also became clear to them that the marriage relationships often suffer due to the difficulties and pressures of the ministry. Therefore, the Morales’ conduct conferences all over Latin America for pastors and their wives, bringing hope, counsel, comfort and tools to these people who have responded to God’s call upon their lives.

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