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Family Life Skills of Boca Raton is a program developed by Life Skills International. Its theme is "Learning to Live, Learning to Love”, wherein students are instructed in ways to overcome abusive cycles in their lives and relationships. These cycles limit their ability to experience the love of God, and thereby limit their ability to give and receive love with others as well. A major objective of the course is for students to discover and address these cycles.

The Family Life Skills program was created by Dr. Paul Hegstrom. Through his own personal process and over 18,000 hours of research, Dr. Hegstrom, a committed Christian, developed the program to help families who find themselves in abusive cycles to develop the ability to stop the destructive patterns and live healthier lives.

Facilitators for the classes held at SonCoast are Ken and Diana Whiteman, who are members of the church, along with Phyllis Wright who attends Boca Community Church.

The goal of Life Skills is to help each individual learn to rebuild his or her life. By discovering what “healthy normal” is in relationships, improving self-image, and learning to treat people with dignity and respect, students come away with a set of tools that they can use for a lifetime.

This is a comprehensive 30-week course that educates individuals on the foundations of healthy relationships through lectures, workbook study, group interaction, and videos.

Cost: There is a one-time intake fee and class fees are on a sliding scale based on income.

Contact: For more information, please call or email:

Ken Whiteman
(561) 706-7574
Diana Whiteman
(561) 716-4282

Family Life Skills may be of interest to you if any of the following behaviors are evident in your relationships or family:

  • There is blaming, cursing, or name calling
  • One person controls the finances
  • There is control of outside interests and friendships
  • There is a  “Jekyll/Hyde” personality evident
  • Excuses are made for unhealthy behavior
  • Sex is not a “mutual” agreement
  • Household responsibilities are not shared
  • There was violence in the family of origin
  • There are mind games, hostile humor, and/or put downs in public
  • It is difficult to express personal opinions
  • Lack of communication
  • Fear as a dominant theme
  • Unrealistic expectations are common
  • Family members isolate themselves
  • One person makes all the decisions
  • Intimidation tactics are often used, e.g., looks, actions, and/or tone of voice
  • There are threats of suicide or abandonment
  • Undue or excessive jealousy of friends, family, and/or time
  • Destruction of other’s personal property and/or abuse of pets
  • Children being used as pawns in disagreements
  • Chronic feelings of anger, edginess, depression, entrapment, and/or suicidal feelings expressed
  • Habitual yelling
  • Verbal, sexual, and/or physical abuse
  • Loneliness
  • Feelings of Rejection
  • No respect for privacy
  • Confusion regarding what “Normal” is

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