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Below you will find a list of the forms (PDF) used by SonCoast. Please complete the necessary form and turn it in to your ministry leader or return it to the church office.

Request for Expenditure
SonCoast Community Church is tax exempt. When making purchases, please make sure you have a copy of our exemption certificate in order to avoid paying sales tax.
The Request for Reimbursement must be completed and approved before making any purchase. If you require a check, please submit the request to the church office (approved by your ministry leader) no later than Tuesday one week prior to the expenditure. Checks are issued on Fridays and will be available for pick up the following Tuesday.
The Request for Expenditure must also be filled out and approved in advance for any purchase you pay for and for which you are expecting to be reimbursed.

Room Scheduling Request
Please use this form to request a room. Be as detailed as possible. In order to avoid conflicts, turn in your Room Request to the church office as far in advance as possible.

Public Relations / Event Announcement Request
Please use this form when you would like to promote an event or you would like to have information about your event placed in the church bulletin, newsletter, or on the church website. Please make sure the church office has the form no later than Tuesday two weeks prior to the event.

Image Release
This form is needed in order for SonCoast Community Church to be able to use photos.
By signing this form, you agree to allow images of yourself and/or your child/children to be used by SonCoast Community Church on the website and/or other printed materials, without restriction, for non-commercial purposes.

Permission Slip and Release of Liability
Use this form if you are planning to sponsor an activity that will involve taking participants off site. All permission slips must be signed by the parent or guardian prior to participating in the activity and must be in the possession of the sponsor during the event.

Children and Youth Ministry Volunteer Application
This form is the formal application you need to complete in order to become involved with our children and youth ministries. Prerequisites for ministering to the children and youth of SonCoast Community Church are as follows:
1) You must have attended the church for at least six (6) months.
2) You must be a member of the church.
3) You must attend a Reduce the Risk training program which is offered periodically by the church.

Volunteer Driver Application
From time to time, SonCoast Community Church needs help in transporting students for various activities. The purpose of this form is to reduce the liability of the church and volunteer drivers by being proactive in our selection of drivers. If you are interested in helping with such needs throughout the year, please fill out this form and return it to the church office.


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